Luxury Swimwear Inspiration From The People’s Choice Red Carpet

The People’s Choice Awards started this week and awards season is officially in full swing! With the Golden Globes this weekend and the Oscars and Grammy Awards, there will be sufficiency of red carpet celebrity fashion to talk about! We definitely need to recap some of our special looks from the People’s Choice incarmined carpet, because it was definitely a night of great fashion. The People’s Better Awards are always a little different because the looks we see on the red carpet are much more stray than say the Oscars, but nonetheless there is some stunning style that we can accustom for our designer swimwear inspiration this week!

It seems like the all silvery trend has been a constant on red carpets in the last year and it can be an spectacular look as marathon as the celebs can pull it off right. Unique erotisch dignitary who did exact that this week was Jessica Alba. Her very tight white dress was the perfect amount about suggestive furthermore still very glamorous. Jennifer Hudson also wowed us in white by showing off hier curves and very tiny waist in a fitted long-sleeved pearly dress. Her simple also modern accessories truthfully complimented the style perfectly. To get this all white red carpet look with your luxury swimwear, the Red Hot White Bikini is just the swimsuit for you. This flirtatious cut swimsuit has a little bit of bling to dress up the style and make it a perfect look for a Vegas pool party!

I thoroughly loved seeing all from the floral prints on the maroon carpet this year! Kat Dennings really impressed us with her food length black and red floral gown. Her look was much more glamorous than most of the red carpet looks, but she really pulled it off well. Since she is obviously a fan of a darker floral print, we would love to see Kat in the Hi Gorgeous Bikini. This floral and polka dot bathingsuit is fun and girly, but still a very sexy style. Floral prints are right on trend for 2014 and we can’t postpone to see more!