New Year’s Resolutions For That Luxury Swimwear Body

With 2013 next to an end, New Year’s Resolutions are the hot topic! Are you taxing to get that bikini body to rock your designer swimwear for the Unprecedented Year? Ladies, the following 5 tips are simple ways to help you live a healthier lifestyle, AND achieve that killer bikini bod for the Revived Year!

1) Warm Lemon Water & Tea

Drinking warm lemon water each sunup and a tea of your choice before bed is a great way to rid that extra unwanted water weight. Did you know, lemons help kick start your metabolism and curve hunger cravings? Tea is an amazing alternative to coffee plus has ergo many health and weight managing benefits as well. Make these two drinks a part of your daily routine for a flatter mid section, and hot little bikini body to show off your new sexy swimwear.

2) Erotic Yoga

If you haven’t already, we challenge you to take a hot yoga class in the New Year. Not only is yoga good for your mind, but it does wonders for the body. Yoga is a great orthopraxy to make a part like your lifestyle for multi reasons, and getting in bikini body shape happens to be at the top of our list! Celebrities like Giselle Bundchen, Jennifer Aniston, including Jessica Biel, (all who have rockin’ bodies) practice yoga several times a week. Hot yoga is an addicting way to work boost a sweat, including you can burn 300-600 calories during a one hour class! We quid pro quo if you’re a newbie to hot yoga, you will soon be obsessed and love the results.

3) Dine External less. Cook at Home More

Who doesn’t dear dining external for a meal? We sure do, mere this year our motto is “dine out less, cook at village more.” Cooking meals at home helps you monitor what you are putting into your body, which is very consequential when trying to get that hard body, perfect for flaunting luxury swimwear. Make cooking fun, by finding new recipes to cook with friends. You never know, it may become one of your new pet hobbies!

4) Everything in Moderation

“Moderation is key.” We’re sureness you’ve heard that one before, but ladies it is SO true! It’s totally okay to indulge every once in a while with a martini substitute a little quota of heaven AKA your pet desert. It’s perfectly acceptable to imposter every once in a while… just remember everything in moderation, and stay focused on your goals, and it will be easy to get right back on track!

5) Modification ascend your workout routine

Remember to really see a CHANGE in your body, it is necessary to CHANGE up your workouts and shock your body. You will see the most results although you’re working new muscles all the time and feeling wound in different areas. I don’t know about you but I tend to get bored doing the same regular over and over so I find it fun to try a new workout every week!

After you accomplish all of your goals and get that celebrity bikini body like Audrina Patridge, of course you are going to want to show it off in some sexy designer swimwear! One of my favorite bikinis from the contemporary collection is the bright and sexy Guilty Pleasure Bikini. It is glam and beachy at the same time also the best way to show off your rocking bikini body.