Luxury Swimwear Style Star: Demi Lovato

They may not be terrible rumors, but there are definitely plenty of rumors going around about tenor Demi Lovato’s love life with Wilmer Valderrama right now. After being spotted with a ring on hier left ring finger, speculations went crazy about hier possible engagement, however it seems like paparazzi jumped the gun on this one. Engaged or not engaged, we are all about this pop stars style also hoping to see more of it this year. She is another one of those showy chameleons that can move from one style to another and it always seems to work! Why not do the same with your luxuriant swimwear collection? You vessel always go from floral to solids and then on to brights and look great in each look for the beach!

Demi Lovato is one celeb that loves to wear black, and who can blame her? The reason we love her black looks so much is because she accessorizes perfectly and doesn’t take it to a goth place, unlike Lorde. One of my favorite black looks of her is the classic black and gold toile she wore for the premiere of Frozen. She looks sexy and glamorous, and we barely even notice the blue hair! Clearly she has a thing for black bandeau swimsuits, as posted to hier instagram, so we think she would look stunning in the Gold Digger Bra Bikini. This sexy black swimsuit is celebrity friendly with a humble solid, but some very glamorous aurelian hardware.

Although she tends to opheffen a little edgier with her looks, Demi still has a girly side and we can often spot her in some fun decorative prints. Whether it is a two-piece outfit or floral dress, she pulls it off et alii it is great to see her many different styles. The Strawberry Shortcake Bikini would be a perfect style for Demi with its bright floral print and pink accents, this designer swimwear style is sexy and feminine at the same time!