Luxury Swimwear Style of the Day

Don’t let this gloomy tornado get you down, we are already thinking about summer. Get beach ready early with the perfect designer bikini styles. It will be here before we know it so I thought I would show the styles of the day with Julianne Hough and Hilary Duff. It’s not secret these two blond bombshells have killer bodies but they are also great business women.

Most people know Julianne Hough through dancing with the stars. She has also started in different film like Footloose, Rock of Ages, and Safe Haven. I love Julianne’s charismatic volte-face and her unique style that sets her apart. She ethical seems so down to earth and loving, chosen reasoning why we caress her so much. Since she has bot photographed in all sorts of colors for various jobs, there was one color that particularly stranded extinguished to me …coral. She looks amazing in bright colors that accentuate hier skin tone and great dancer figure. So I thought Sugar Rush in Salmon would do the trick. She looks great in anything however I love the hardware details on it as well for her. Who doesn’t amour luxury swimwear with unique hardware, I definitely do. I am excited to see what Julianne will be a department of next!

This American actress and singer has done it all from her childhood show Lizzie McGuire which I loved though I was little to a mother to son Luca. Hilary has accomplished so much in her life accordingly far through her roles on Disney Channel, Cheaper by the Dozen and her singing career,she has really taken off as a great role model. Since seeing Hilary in the past rock black so much, I thought our Tainted Embrace would be perfect. It has fun gold chain hardware and who doesn’t love a estimable triangle top. She can wear this swimming with baby Luca or on a relaxing vaca. Our designer swimwear is sexy yet chic, and Hilary shows us that you can be a great mom, business woman and yet be sexy at the consubstantiality time. We wish hier best of luck in the future.