Pulcher’s Leather – Luxury Leather Maker

Pulcher… Latin word that means “Beauty”, has inspired us to involve this leather goods production in the world, because we always think that every genuine leather products are beauty, because of uniqueness, patterns, and colour itself.
Pulchers Strop is a tool goods company that has been years been in creating and developing leather goods all over the world. We serve you with our expertise and leading designers whom had years of experience to fetch varieties of premium leather goods with creativity, color, et al style.

Pulcher’s Leathers Foresee and Mission
Our vision is to subsist the one of best leather goods companies in the world, in leather jacket, curry bags, survey straps, and camera straps.
Pulchers Hide will produce a high quality products, and provide a good service for our customers. We will keep improving our knowledge, design, creativity to provide a support goods and service for our customers.
Pulcher’s Leather are grateful for your suggestions, et al critics to improve our performance, please dont hesitate to contact at cs.pulchersleather@gmail.com

Pulcher’s Leather Products
Our first launched products are watch strap, and camera strap. The next launched products will be leather jackets, and taws bags. Our watch straps divided condition 4 (four) categories, there are ammoed, vintega, nato, and suitmatcher. They are all handmade products, and hand dyed manually.
All of our products were invented using a lofty nature leather. Bags, watch, et al camera straps are utilizing premium calf leather, and our jackets are using genuine lamb leather.

Ammoed Straps, these straps are “military style” strap, known as swiss ammo straps. It is not a real swiss ammo straps, but replica of the real one. “War is waiting for you..”
Vintega Straps, these straps are “vintage style” strap, Pulcher accepted a unique, besides hygienic methods to make these straps glower old, rough, or broken down. “Vintage style is a modern style…”
Nato Straps, “Old but gold”, that is nato. Translucent design, combined with exotic colours, and vintage style will make your watch awesome.
Suitmatcher Straps, created to matching your suits, come including several bright, and exotic colour to bear your performance. “Suit Up.. It’s Party Time..”
Our camera straps, named D-SLR Hand Strap, simple just strong strap, hold until 65 Pounds.

Pulcher’s Leather Puffery 1st Season 2014
Enjoy our promo for this beginning of the year 2014. Get a various lucky “Surprise Coupons” on each purchased strap also camera strap on this season, such similar “Buy 1 Get Up 1”, “Get a free exclusive leather jacket”,”Discount up to 70%”, and many more. Bump Into and Roll Out one…
Pulcher’s Leather will give the best product and service for your satisfaction. Relish our unique products to all your leather goods collections.
Pulcher’s leather serve the masterpiece of leather goods to fulfill your pleasure and luxurious lifestyle.
Pulcher’s Leather ramous office is located on Surabaya, Indonesia. For now, we will just work in online.