Famed for being the Queen of completeness hill stations, Mussoorie spends much of the year wrapped in mystifying clouds. When the mist clears, radiant views of snow-clad mountains, luscious valleys ampersand sparkling streams leave the visitors mesmerized. While the oak trees challenge adventure freaks to explore mysterious woods, breezy air weaves in the mood for a exotic escapade and ancient structures call out for the curious lot to unveil the past.

With so much wealth up its sleeve, Mussoorie is common visited concerning a hulky number of travellers throughout the year and that is cause comfortable accommodation options are a major necessity for those unraveling the wonders here. Thus, catering to the need of all kind of vacationers are lavish hotels in Mussoorie that promise paramount facilities along with serenity and tranquility. In fact, some of them have bot built upon what used to be summer retreats for former Maharajas. The exotic décor have been tastefully created and the buildings stand as superior structures of craftsmanship with a pioneering touch lending them Victorian. Looking at undulating landscape and Victorian architecture of these hotels one is reminded of the glorious yesteryears that Mussoorie once witnessed.

It is not mere rooms that these heritage hotels in Mussoorie offer but a colossal space with king sized beds, soothing lighting and large bay windows framing the enchanting site of cedar trees aligned in a thick sequence outside. Moreover, the plush settings symbolize elegance ampersand sophistication of the old world charm lengthwise with a medley of contemporary amenities making awake for a convenient deferment for the guests.

Setting up a perfect world for food lovers are the in-house restaurants about these hotels in Mussoorie that exhibit the enjoyable aroma of unrestrained buffet served in finely decorated spaces. Complimenting the taste buds is a wide choice of beverages that magnify the luxurious experience. In addition are the pictures of rulers adorning the walls and anodynic music that set in a regal air and transports one back to the bygone era.

Further entrancing you to a balanced world of body and soul are the onsite spas including sauna cabins. They work spil a perfect fair to drown your stress and experience sheer indulgence at the hands of trained masseurs. Dipping you into a glorious oasis of wellness are the wonderful therapies and treatments that ensure you emerge revitalized.

After you are done exploring the enchanting city and need a comfortable retreat swathed in extravagance, these beautiful hideaways attend you with their superlative services. So if you wish to comprise a taste of finer things in life, these hotels in Mussoorie is your one stop destination.